Was it fire what I've seen in her eyes?
Maybe it really was fire.
or maybe not,
maybe it was something else,
maybe it was meant to be ash that was supposed to slowly change into ice.

But the problem is, to make ash, it has to rain.
And it rained, Oh you can't imagine how hard it rained.
Her eyes were the biggest cloud, her voice the biggest thunder.
She was being broken by lightening.

But, finally, the ash came, but the sun kept hiding.
Ash came and it started its metamorphosis to ice, and while it was being frozen, it was fighting, and it hurted, but the thunder wasn't there to comfort her anymore.
The silent of her pain was the worst part of it.

So yes, actually it was fire, but now it is no more.
It is something that is burning much harder.
Yes, 'cause ice can burn too, it is simply better than fire at hiding it.
But Ice only hurts you, there isn't that hot feeling to comfort you, there is only that apathetic cold, and it hurts, trust me it does.
Ice silently and subtly destroyed her.