she was his lighting

Her pale skin was his light through the dark
He may have won over demons multiple times, but he never felt this successful before his eyes met hers
They were gray, her eyes
She never once opened her mouth, she never once smiled to him
She took him through the darkest darkness, with only her skin to show him the way
She sang this lullaby
She sang it just like his mother used to
She reminded him of his mother, maybe that was why he felt this connection with her
Maybe not
She would brush the devil off of his shoulder, every time it would scare him
And let the angel stay
He couldn't even remember what he looked like, anymore
Only what she looked like
Pale white skin, gray eyes, no smile, no words to say
He couldn't even remember what his mother looked like, it made him sad
And just as the tears was about to fall, she would sing the lullaby
Again, just like his mother used to sing it
It made his shoulders relax, the devil disappear and the angel smile
Her voice was just like silk
There was nothing false in it, it wasn't too deep, too thick
It wasn't too light to hear, it was just enough for him to feel the tear
They didn't sleep
In that way it was almost like a dream, or a movie, where you could keep going, without resting
But that was the only thing that was like a dream, everything else was a nightmare, besides of her, of course
She was his lighting through the dark

Sofie H.B. Andersen