This year I met this guy that was so handsome.
He has green eyes and brown hair, but he isn’t the classic handsome guy that is popular and surrounded by girls or many friends. He is different, most of the times he is alone, in my point of view I think he is exclusive.
He make me wonder how is talking to him and how is his personality.
I talked to him once, but not like in a “formal way”, he just asked me what was my name. The other days I just say hello to him.
One day we were in an activity. I remember that day very well, because every time I look around he was near me. The people that organize the activity were taking photos, and I discover that in one photo he appears behind me, the closest he can get so I don’t notice it. I love that photo.
I thought I was able to talk to him and I try but I was to shy to do it.

Now I don’t know what happen to him. I haven’t seen him in a while.
I added him on Facebook and Instagram, but I’m not brave enough to talk to him.
I’m trying my best to get the courage to talk to him. Someday this will happen.