Hey Guys, in this Article is how about "How to better Study", I really hope I could help you with this Article and I´m already sorry for my bad English.

Hack #1

Read textbooks before you go to class,- maybe in breaks or a night before-, you will understand the topic for the next periode better and easier.

Hack #2

Try to take notes in class, everything what is important,- border comments are important to-, if you do not understand something, than ask! You also can ask before/after Class.

Hack #3

Take notes in class with a lead pencil and at home with another pencil, so you repeat everything and 50% you will remember at the next day.

Hack #4

Go to the liberty and study there, or with friends, watch youtube videos with the topic, you will remember everything.

Hack #5

Do not let you distract from your phone, laptop, etc, but it away and study 1-2 hours or more.