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It happens to all of us to get sad sometimes,whether is for something bad that happened to us or with no apparent reason. I've been there a lot lately,I've found myself being suddenly sad and feeling lost and lonely even though I did not know where all of this came from. I think is totally normal to feel this because in the end we are humans and fragile and we have to deal with a lot of things everyday. However life is way too short to be sad and fortunately there are some things we can do to overcome our sadness.

1.Accept your feelings
I've always been the kind of person who was always hiding her feelings in front of other people,and even to myself. I've tried so many times to convince myself that am okay,like i was too proud to admit that I could be hurting,until I realize that ignoring your feelings won't make them disappear. So,accept that you are feeling sad,cry if you feel like it,scream,let everything out. Feelings are demanded to be felt. Afterwards you will feel a little better.

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2. Write
Writing is one of my best remedies in any kind of situation. I need to put my thoughts on paper so I can understand them better. I write about all that hurts,everything I don't like,everythings that make me angry and in the end I feel way better. Now I know that not everybody enjoy writing as much as I do,but you can at least try. It doesn't have to be a work of art,of course,you can write random words or phrases,letters to someone,a song maybe,just try to give you sadness a form.

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3. Listen to music
I bet music is like your best friend.It Is always there,it never leaves,it never abbandones you,and it understand you better than anyone else. Now,you don't have to listen to happy songs when you barely want to get out of bed. A lot of people think that listening to sad music when we feel down is a bad idea,but for me is not true at all. Listening to a song that explains your feeling even better than you,is one of the best feeling in the world. Just like I said before you have to accept your feelings,so find your songs and close yourself in your world and don't let anyone alse in,but music.

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4.Read a book or watch a movie

When I feel down and i feel like I'm suffocating I have the desire to escape,to run away from my everyday world and to take a break from everything. And for how much I'd love to get on an airplane and leave without looking back,this is not an thing easy to do for most of us. However you can escape from your world and go to a different dimension by reading a book or watching a movie. So,make yourself comfortable,find a good book,movie or TV show,and be ready to make new friends and to live into a totally different world for a while.

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5.Go out
When we feel sad,this is probably the thing we want to do less. However sometimes we should try to focus on the good things we have in life. So, spend some time with your closest friends, or go somwhere with your parents. Being with someone we love is always very important,it makes you fell less lonely and you know, happiness is real only when shared.I've hurt a lot of people when I was hurt,like it was their fault,and then feel really bad about it. So,don't distance yourself from the people who love you.

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