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The reason this wasn't posted sooner is that I wanted to do a review of a book I just finished so I couldn't done it before.

SHADOW MAN, Cody McFadyen

This is only first book but I am already huge fan of Cody McFadyen.
This book is absolutely amazing and while it isn't for everyone, it's definitely for me. One of the most intense thrillers I've read. I love reading thrillers/mystery/ crime but it's very rare that I actually picture in my mind what happens. It doesn't really affect me and while people (especially my family) frown upon what I read I really don't mind reading about a body without a head, for example. It was different this time. Sometimes pictures in my mind were too real with too many details and I got this unpleasant feeling. I didn't put it down tho. This was the reason for me to keep going, to continue reading. I was so sucked into the story that even though sometimes was scary I couldn't put it down. This book is shock after shock. When you think nothing can surpise you… bam, another bomb is dropped. It messed up with my mind like no other book did.
While most writers decide for male detectives (I’m not sure why… maybe it’s easier for them to write) Cody McFadyen decided main character will be a woman. A bad-ass woman. When we first meet Smoky Barrett she’s in a very bad place. She can’t decide whether to go on with her life or put a gun to her head and shoot. This, the beginning of a book, is the part that really touched me. Her thoughts, her insecurities were so well written that I had a lump in my throat. It affected me a lot. As story develops she slowly deals and accepts death of people she loved the most but only at the end of the book she finally overcome her fears. When it comes to her job: catching killer, she's the best. It's amazing how she can think like killer, see how it happended, her mind are incredible. She’s simply one of the strongest, smartest characters I’ve read about.
The train, interrogation, killer's profile,... those were writen so good. I am enthusiastic about how well this is writen and explained. I found out many great interesting new stuff when it comes to human's behaviour. Those were without question best parts of the book.
All in all I can say this novel is awesome and I recomend it to everyone.

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