It's now commonly known: being healthy is a lifestyle.
However, you tried and tried, again and again, but you always struggle with exercising, sleeping well, eating healthy... You don't seem to find enough motivation, a good reason to carry on.

But you know what? This is the right place for you.
This article is a challenge, and, everyday, you'll have to complete a healthy habit. It's about simple yet important little things that can lead you to a happy longer life.

So, here we go!

Day 1 | Sleep for at least eight hours this night.

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You should sleep every night for at least 7-8 hours.

Day 2 | Go for a walk.

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Get lost in your neighborhood, explore new areas of your city or simply chill in a park.

Day 3 | Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up.

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Tip: keep a bottle of water on your bedside table so that the first thing you'll do tomorrow will be drinking water.

Day 4 | Spend your day with a loved one.

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With a friend, your significant other or a member of your family.

Day 5 | Prepare yourself a healthy meal.

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On Pinterest you can find some very good recipes. Make one of them.

Day 6 | Approach this new day with a smile.

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Forget yesterday's problems and fully live today.

Day 7 | Exercise.

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Even only 10 minutes is enough: do some squats, some planks and some crunches.

Day 8 | Don't use your phone before going to bed.

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Avoid using your phone before going to bed: it makes you sleep badly. Instead, read a book.

Day 9 | Tidy up your room/ personal space.

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It can make you focus more on what you're doing. It also helps mentally.

Day 10 | Write a page in your journal.

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Even if your day was nothing special.

Day 11 | Eat fruit for breakfast.

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They wake you up more than biscuits and cereals do.

Day 12| Don't use your phone for the entire day.

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Spend the whole day without your phone.

Day 13 | Go for a run.

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Try to go out for a run, maybe with a friend.

Day 14 | Write a letter for your future self.

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What are the good things in your life? What are the bad ones?

Day 15 | Meditate.

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Take 5-10 minutes off your day to meditate.

Day 16 | Be grateful.

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Think about all the blessings you have in your life.

Day 17 | Tea instead of coffee.

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It has the same effect, but it's healthier.

Day 18 | Set some goals you want to achieve.

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Make a list of all the goals you want to achieve in the next months

Day 19 | Stretch.

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Maybe you can do some yoga. It helps your mind a lot too.

Day 20 | Prepare yourself a smoothie.

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You can find some ideas on Pinterest.

Day 21 | Walk/bike to school/work.

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Instead of taking the bus or going by car, simply walk.

Day 22 | Drink at least 8 glasses of water.

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You should do this every day.

Day 23 | Eat 5 portions of fruit/vegetables.

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The famous 5 portions...

Day 24 | Forgive yourself.

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Learn to forgive yourself and accept your mistakes. You'll be way more cheerful.

Day 25 | Go to the gym.

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If you want to enjoy it even more, you can bring a friend.

Day 26 | Give away clothes you feel bad in.

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Only keep the ones you feel a badass in. It's a simple step to be more confident.

Day 27 | Don't compare yourself to others.

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Always be yourself without belittle what you do. Keep in mind that you're unique and incomparable.

Day 28 | Take some time for yourself.

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Have a bath, light a candle, listen to music and only relax thinking about yourself.

Day 29 | Be positive.

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Day 30 | Write down the highlights of the month.

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Write about the goals you achieved, the great things you've done with your friends and family and the positive thoughts you had.

This was my challenge. Hope you liked it.
Feel free to check out my other challenges.

Sofia xx