Nestled in the rocky terrains of Pali district in Rajasthan lies a resort so earthy and ethereal that you would just want to take a vacation only to enjoy it. Such is the make of the resort that it seems like it is blossoming right out of the picturesque land.

Built by Lakshman Singh in the 19th century, Lakshman Sagar was a hunting lodge that has now been beautified and re-conceptualized into a resort. Built then to host other noble families and British emissaries, Lakshman Sagar today will make you feel no less with its royal aura, and traditionally lavish services. Not just that, the resort will bring you back in touch with nature and earth, as much as it will pamper and rejuvenate you.

Embellished in traditional Rajasthani style with hints of historic British influences, each mud and stone cottage comes with - wait for it - a private pool, which further overlooks the man-made lake.

Based on the concept of slow-food, the traditional Rajasthani cuisine is prepared with love and local ingredients and meets high standards of culinary delight, while also promoting healthy, enjoyable eating.

All in all, more than reconnecting with yourself, Lakshman Sagar is a resort that will take you a step ahead and help you reconnect with nature and with the land of Rajasthan. And it will be so, so good.

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