~Heyy! It is forth day of #whichallenge. Today i write about my younger self. The article says i should write for 16-year-old me but i'm 16 currently. So i changed it a bit and i write for younger me.

4.List 10 things you would tell your younger self if you could.

1.Don't stress about school too much
Girl i know you are ambitious and you wanna graduate with good grades. And i know that working hard is key for success but you know what? You shouldn't overload yourself.

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2.You can eat and drink more than just carrots and water
You are very picky eater and i know exactly why. One word:Insecurity. It made you do bad food decisions. Drinking water and eating vegetables are healthy for you. But if you only eat two carrots and drink glass of water per day it isn't good for you. Learn enjoy food. You're allowed to eat cake,pizza,ice cream or whatever you want

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3.Don't be scared. Everything is gonna be alright.
Would you be scared if future you told you that there is nothing to worry about? Take new school as a chance. You're gonna get new amazing friends and you are gonna get good grades.

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4.Love yourself cause you are good enough
You're are only you in this planet. You should love your every unique part. Next time when you see mirror don't look yourself as a ugly,fat and weak person. Look yourself as beautiful,confident and unique person.

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5.Be child 'cause that's what you are
You don't have that much responsibilities yet. You are so young. You are child. Don't act adult 'cause that isn't you. Enjoy. Enjoy being so young.

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6.There is people who care about you
For those moments when you think that whole word is gonna flip and nobody cares about your existence remember this: You have much people around you who listen to you and care.

7.You DO NOT need boyfriend. Don't even stress about boys
Boys. Don't waste your time for them. And trust me. I'm 100% sure that i'm right. Cause boyfriend isn't necessary right now.
And don't change yourself for boys. That's only stupid. Be yourself.

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8.Don't be scared to be smart
Never be ashamed to show your intelligence. It's is your power. And that's something you should be proud of. You are much more reasonable than some of your age.

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9. You're so much stronger than you think
This doesn't need any other words. You're strong and just believe it.

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10.Do what you love
Focus those things you love. If you love dance then dance! If your friends go to the gym you don't have to if you don't want to. You don't have to be just like your friends. Enjoy those things you really like to do.

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