a strong and irresistible desire to travel

Traveling is honestly one of the most important things in life. You get to know different sides of life and you understand that life doesn't just pass in one place. You become open-minded and more mature. And once you've started, you can't live without it!

Here are some traveling inspirations (places i've been to):

paris, girl, and france image paris image

This city has a unique flair you won't find anywhere else. Not only it is modern and everyone there seems to have a cosmopolitan spirit, but there are also places history lovers can go to, like the Louvre or one of the ancient parts of the city. You can pass a day in this city doing so many different things... have breakfast in a cute little cafe eating macarons and a croissant, go shopping on the Champs-Élysées, visit museums and some artistic places (like Montmartre) and to end the day, watch the city on the Eiffel Tower by night. This feeling is wonderful, and you will really want to stay in this moment forever!

london, city, and Big Ben image

The city is just cool. You have the feeling to be welcome wherever you go, and everything is just so... classy (while being trendy af at the same time)! There are all kinds of people, of all nationalities or personalities you can think of. Nobody will care if you aren't "normal", because everyone is being accepted. You just HAVE to visit all the tourist spots, like the Big Ben and the London Eye. They're so much more awesome when you actually SEE them. And if you want to discover another side of London, book a hotel in the suburbs. The atmosphere there is very friendly, there are many different kinds of people, and you will see how most London people actually live. And the nightlife is amazing! ;)

istanbul image istanbul image

If you are from Europe, like me, or from the US, this city will be different from anything you've ever seen, and that's what makes it so interesting. You can discover a new culture and see it from a different point of view. As soon as you walk through any part of the city, you will be confronted with so much inspiration and new things! And there are people EVERYWHERE, at ANY time, even in the middle of the night! There are more shops than there are in any city I've ever been to, and the best thing is that the things there aren't even very expensive. Also, the city is full of history, and you just have to try the typical turkish food. I know you can buy it in many other countries too, but it tastes much better in its country of origin!

ice cream, food, and delicious image bicycle, girl, and city image
  • ROME

I can't describe how much I fell in love with this city... there are holiday and party vibes everywhere, mixed up with a big amount of history and arts, and you can learn so much there every day. Rome has a unique architecture, and it's just beautiful. You can easily imagine what life was there like thousands of years ago. The city has a romantic atmosphere because of all these impressions. Next, everyone is open-minded, and there are cute cafes and cozy restaurants everywhere. And when the night begins, the city starts to wake up, and you will feel like in a completely different world. If you look for a place for a party trip with your friends or for a romantic vacation with your loved one, Rome is the perfect idea!

Barcelona, travel, and spain image Barcelona, spain, and city image spain, Barcelona, and beach image

You will feel relaxed and happy in this city right from the first moment on. You will find out what loving life is like there, because the people living there seem to know that since forever! The climate is warm, and there isn't just the city, but also beautiful beaches full of life. You can pass a chill day at the beach, with a wonderful view on the city behind the beach. And if you want to go to a more crowded place, take a walk on the Ramblas, a big street in the heart of Barcelona where you can go shopping or eat in a beautiful restaurant. There are musicians and artists everywhere in the city... and I'll never forget that flashmob I suddently was in!

holidays, monaco, and night image amazing, blue, and chic image

Everything there is just so chic *_* The houses are built in a very modern and beautiful style, and it's just amazing how such a small place can hold so many possibilities, shops, and people. You just seem to walk around in a cloud of perfection. Believe me when I say that you haven't ever seen so much style in one place! And when you take a walk on the beach when the sun sets, or when you eat breakfast in a cafe at the beach when the sun rises, you can't prove anything than pure happiness! And the clubs there are amazing, just like the Casino of Monte-Carlo, where you can have some great fun!

I can't recommend traveling enough!

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