This is part one of the countries I would love to visit. Sorry if there are any spelling or grammar failures. I hope this will help you if you search for some new places to go.


What to say about Hawaii, who wouldn't want to visit Hawaii. The amazing landscape, with the sea, the forrests, the waterfalls. A perfect adventure with chill evenings watching sunsets. Also I would love to know how to surf and where could you learn to surf better than at Hawaii?

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Shawn Mendes, a big reason to go to Canada but not only because of Shawn I would love to visit Canada. There are amazing parks (Banff Nationalpark, Jasper Nationalpark, Stanley Park,...), beautyful cities (Toronto, Vancouver,...) and a lot of amazing places to visit like the National Gallery, the Vancouver Aquarium, the zoo in Toronto and a lot more.

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Isn't it everyones big dream to go to the USA and travel through the different states? I would love to see NYC in the winter and go ice skating in the Central Park, go to LA and see the Hollywood Hills, see the Grand Canyon and the beaches in California.

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I think Sweden is really beautyful, I would love to go there in the summer, I would want to visit Stockholm, there I would love to go to the Fotografiska Museet. Also the landscape looks beautyful and I would love to see the northern lights.

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Norway has been one of my dreams for a long time now. I really like the landscape there, I would love to see Lofoten, Kjerag, Oslo, Nidarosdom, the Munch-Museum, Lysefjord and a lot more.

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