Hey everybody!
So, I decide to do this challenge because it’s been years that I just watch and watch WeHeartIt everyday, looking for photos and quotes and inspiration.. And then I just found this challenge, and I just thought that it’s been months that I haven’t write regularly, so this is my chance to do something that I really love again. Hope you enjoy reading this, as much as I’ve enjoy writing it! (and sorry for the bad english btw)

My name is Chloé and I’m 19 years. I come from France and I’m a student in communication (third and last year actually).

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When I’m not at college, I just love watching movies & TVshows, reading, writing, even drawing sometimes. I also like audiovisual and there was a time I really hope that this could be my job.

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In my life, there is nothing more important for me than my friends. I’m just the kind of person that always need a presence with me, because for me, life is just about this little group of human who surrounds us. That’s even more true when it comes to family and also for my pets which just are kind of «happy mood » with 4 legs haha.

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More important than everything, my best friends. We know each other since we were 5. Nothing can divide us, she is juste more than a friend to me, she’s my other half, my sister, she is just my person.

I live my life with music and this also make my mood every single day. I think I literally couldn't live without it.If I love music, I even love more dancing on it. When I dance, I’m in my magic place. It’s make me feel so much better and it’s the best remedy against a bad day for me.

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And, finally what matters the most to me, horseshow. I’m in a horseshow team since 2013 and now I’ve got my own horse and I work almost everyday for our shows. It’s a lot of investment because it’s not just horseriding, it’s dancing, acting, acrobatics, it’s all about performing, doing our best when we are on the track.

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That’s it, I hope you like this (little) presentation!

Chloé -