Hey lovelies! I've decided to share some advice on how to live your life with a more open-minded perspective. I'm no expert, these are just some tips and tricks I have that might help some of you out there.

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❦ A T T I T U D E

❀ always, always, always be grateful for what you already have:

I know, maybe it's hard to constantly remind yourself how lucky you are. Which is why you should start small! Eventually, it'll get easier and you'll constantly feel appreciative of what you have.

One method is to use your diary, planner, journal or whatever notebook you have and write down 3 things that you are grateful for every single day. It might seem like a chore, yes, but keep reminding yourself to do it and soon it'll become a good daily habit.

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You can choose to do this in the morning when you wake up or at night before you go to sleep. Both are fine! If on certain days you want to write 3 when you wake up and 3 before you head to bed, go for it!

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✿ seize every opportunity you can:

Some chances only happen every so often, so do your best to make sure that none gets away! Remind yourself that it's always better to take every chance you get than to only end up regretting afterward if you don't.

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Even if you fail, it's not the end. Take whatever chances you get and you'll thank yourself for it next time, trust me. In my opinion, trying is always better than not trying at all.

" act instead of reacting. "

❀ be such a cool person that people crave your vibes:

Firstly, no, I don't mean cool like popular cool. Be yourself - keep that sense of humor. But also be kind and thoughtful towards others. People will want to hang out with a chill person like you. There really isn't a point trying to change or become someone else to get people like you. If so, they aren't liking you for you.

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❦ M I N D S E T

✿ inhale the love and exhale the hate:

To be honest, I don't think it's possible to get rid of all the negativity inside your mind. Everyone feels shitty at least a couple of times. Instead of always trying to replace any negative feelings and thoughts in your mind with positive ones, the crucial step that some people might miss is to accept the fact that negativity exists.

I know what you're thinking: " Obviously?? Everyone knows you can't be all rainbows and sunshine 24/7! " Okay but before you attack me, listen. Perhaps some of us get so wrapped up in desperately attempting to become a happy, sparkling unicorn ( not that it's a bad thing. unicorns are great. ), we tend to forget that negative thoughts and feelings will still come back. We can't get rid of them forever. Sad, I know. But that's just life. So I say embrace both the good and the bad! Without both, we wouldn't have learned many life lessons if life itself was amazing all the time.

Now you're thinking: " So why the title ' inhale the love and exhale the hate '? " Well, at the end of the day it's still encouraged to focus on the good instead of the bad. But to link back to what I've just tried to explain, I'd obviously recommend you guys to choose to embrace the positive side more.

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For instance, when something upsets you, don't let it ruin the rest of your day! If possible, spend some time to do something you love. In the end, you should always be there for yourself because not everyone can do so for you so remember to take care of yourself and find ways to cheer yourself up!

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However, not every day will be a good one. If bad days arrive, accept them and know that a better one will come very soon. But it wouldn't hurt to try to improve them!

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❀ believe and trust your worth:

If you need to be reassured, here it is. Every single one of you are more than enough. I genuinely mean it! All of you are precious and deserve all the love in the world.

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Life is too short to compare and wish that you were someone else. It's going to be a long, hard process to find yourself and learn to love yourself, but I promise you that the journey is worth it.

  • IF ; you read the entire article, THANK YOU! I really hope my advice helped you in some way. If it didn't, I hope you enjoyed reading it at the very least..?
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