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Day 19
If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?

I have actually mentioned it in my travel article, here is the link:
But I will wrt in detail today so here we go

1)The views

london, Big Ben, and england image

I have always wanted to see the big ben in life and walk through it on my feet or riding a Routemaster, just thinking about it is amazing and adding to this I have always wanted to feel the weather there because it is said that its so chill there which is the perfect weather for me.

london, Big Ben, and city image


I study IG which is the British curriculum and I want to pursue this studies in its place which is the UK but I already want to visit London soo.

uk, study, and london image

*3)*Bucket list*

Visiting London has been on my bucket list for so looooooong and one day it is going to happen.

1 city

4)Beautiful human scenes

we can't deny that British people are one of the most pleasing human faces not that others aren't actually there are many others but yeah.

boy london

5)Shawn Mendes

Shawn doesn't live there but on his tours, he visits there and I hope that I will meet him there one day.

shawn mendes, rose, and shawn image

6)It is always a good idea
It is never late to visit I could go any day, one day.

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