On a rainy afternoon, home alone, I started thinking. You're here in this world. This oh so quiet but yet still so noisy world. Sometimes we wish for directions, someone who tells us where to go. But I found out that it all starts with you. Even better described in one word: passion.

Passion is defined as a strong feeling towards something, an object of enthusiasm.
To do something properly or to your liking, you must be passionate about achieving your desired end result. Being passionate can mean becoming so consumed by what you wish to achieve, that in your mind, there is no room for compromise or settling for less. That's where you have to go.

Ask yourself 3 questions:

1. What is your passion factor at the moment?
2. How can you unleash more passion in your life?
3. How will living with passion support your personal growth?

You've got 24 hours a day. Follow your curiosity. It can be found in even the smallest things. Those things will sets you on the path of unlocking who you are and your creativity.

Challenge yourself and make your own 'passion' collection. Look at pictures and start day dreaming. I would love to see your collections, please send me yours!

'You can't fake passion. It is the fuel that drives any dream and makes you happy to be alive.' - Mac Anderson

My 'passion' collection just started!
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Love, Kirsten