Before we are introduced to the nature of laws we must first understand why we have laws and rules, as well as what differs from a law and rule.

Why do we have rules?
Rules are often used for these main 3 reasons:
- To protect and serve the citizens of our society
-Maintain order and equity
- Provides a supportive guideline for if things go wrong

  • These are the names of two academic lawyers who provided the definition of a rule.

A rule is a 'general norm, mandating or guiding conduct'
In simpliest term, rules tell us how to behave.

There 2 types of rules that we must concern ourselves with, and those are the Legal and moral rules of our society.

Legal rules : These are set by the state, they must be followed and applied to everyone. If not followed there will often be serious consequences.

Moral rules: These are individual ethical rules, that differ depending upon the culture of our society. These are based upon what is right and wrong. Every individual person has their own moral code. With these rules there are usually no formal form of punishment if ever to be broken.

Is there any similarity between Law and Morals, they both tell us what we should and should'nt do as they both set boundaries for our behaviour.