It's fall !! Time to make your home cosy and warm!!
Here you'll find some tips and trics...

Make your home warm by adding some light. Candles make it perfect especially when you decorate them.

candle and light image

here I will show you how you can decorate some candles yourself...

autumn autumn
add some leaves to give it a fall touch
diy, candle, and twigs image
autumn autumn
add some other things you easy find in the forest

Fall is the time of halloween and that means pumpkins!!
Here you see one of the ways you can choose to decorate your pumpkin.

autumn, pumpkin, and fall image

You can also chose for some tiny lamps, they will also make your home cosy. You can add some to your bedroom so you can read a book with some little lights for those cold cosy evenings.

bedroom, interior, and cozy image

If you don't like to hang them you can put them in e pot or you can buy a lightbox.

diy autumn
You can change the text with the letters you get with the box <3

You can go to the florist and buy some decorations but you can make easily a wreath with for example leaves.

autumn autumm
Just buy a little styrofoam an decorate it!

Some last hints:
1. Use warm colors (orange, yellow, brown ...)

2. Leaves make your decorations perfectly matching to this season.

3. You don't have to buy everything, you can find a lot in your garden or in the forest.

fall, autumn, and leaves image
autumn, home, and autumm image

I hope you did find some ideas that you liked!
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