Actually i have never ever written anything. My english is not good, i am just learning it but i wanna try.

As i mentioned in the title i want to write about a positive self-image, thinking positive and just simply be POSITIVE.

I had many problems with myself, my life, i was sooo pessimistic and i didn't like anything. I just watched my TV shows and that was life to me.
After a while something happened... i fell in love.
This showed me i need to be positive. Somebody loves me and i am just.. 'i dont care' about anything but i love u.
Then i realised. If i am not happy, i can not be positive... why am i living for?
I have to fall in love to see i have problems. And i wasted so many years to do nothing, and not to live while i am young. You dont have to do this.

I had to accept myself, my face, my different eyebrow, small eyelashes, short nails. And the most important thing is to start LIVE.

If i could do, you can do. You can love yourself, accept yourself and be happy about small things. Today the sun is shining and i love the Sun. So i can be happy about it.
Hard to do this everyday, find a little thing which makes you happy, but it really worth.
You can really appreciate the life and beeing happy as you are.
If you are sitting every day and do nothing, just bored and 'ahh i hate my life' your life never be better than now.
So lets find a little happiness, sparkle in your days and think positive, if you think you can be good, better than you will.
You have to chase far far away the bad thoughts and start live your life and love yourself.

You are all beautiful and important, you can do whatever you want!!!