HI! Probably you are wondering: what means that HTS ? It´s going to be my new article series. HTS means: how to style and is all about styling colors, clothes, accessories and more. I have a lot of time this week, which means, that I can write a lot of articles. This week there will be other articles and some HTS articles. Hope you like this new series, you can look them all up in my collection: How to style.

RED sweaters/hoodies

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you can easily rock a red hoodie by pairing it with a complete black outfit. Maybe you can add some gold necklaces or choker. Try to keep it simple by only wearing one color with a red hoodie.

RED pants

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pants don´t need to be jeans. They can be sweatpants too or even fabric. Sweatpants look amazing with red hoodies or oversized shirts, jeans look really good with a white or black shirt. I personally wouldn't pair red pants with another color like green or sth like this. When you have a darker skin, a dark red jeans and a navy shirt would look great!!

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RED jackets

i don´t really know if bomber jackets are a trend in your country, but in mine it´s still a trend... I don´t wear one, but a dark red bomber jacket with a white cropped shirt and black jeans can look really cool. Down jacket (like the one in the pic) can be worn with a black shirt and blue or back shirts, too.

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RED shoes

I would literally die for shoes like these in the picture *-*
actually you can wear red shoes with everything (doesn't mean green jeans or stuff like that) but red boots, which are a bit darker and maybe velvet (I die for velvet to btw) can be worn with literally everything.

I hope you liked my part one of the HOW TO STYLE series. Thanks for reading. See you soon. -H