90’s girl? Yes, guys!

Nowadays, everyone wants to look aesthetic and 90’s are full of aesthetic things so today I want to share with you some ideas.

- Boyfriend jeans

The comfier it is, the better is and boyfriend jeans are an essential part of your aesthetic outfit.
You can wear it with a t-shirt.

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- Denim, denim and denim...

Denim is the key word!
If you want to be a 90’s aesthetic girl, you have to wear something denim.

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Denim jacket
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Denim skirt

- T-shits

If you want to appear as an aesthetic girl, t-shirts are fundamental!
Your t-shirt has NEVER to be simple and solid color.
It has to be colorful, funny, special and characteristic.

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- Baggy windbreakers

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- How important are socks?

More than you can even image!
In a 90’s aesthetic outfit socks are essential.

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I hope you like this article.