so i just wanted to write about some things that goes a lot through my mind because idk if it might help then why not

YOU GOTTA KNOW that some people at some point in your life are gonna come to you and those people are poison itself believe me whether its gonna be a friend ,a boyfriend or whatever

You can't let those people ruin you , they gonna make you feel like you're not worth shit , that everything happens is your fault , treating you the wrong way , they will only be there when they need something from you , and gone when you can't serve them no good ... DO NOT ALLOW THAT .
by this far you know that this friendship is causing you nothing but bad things bad energy bad vibes , negativity and disrespect it's just becomes so toxic mentally physically everything in that field .
No one , i don't care who it is , no one is this world is worth losing your own sanity for .
Don't let anyone make you feel less than you are because you are worth so much more have a conversation with them settle things distance yourself get rid of them get that poison out of your life it's gonna be hard at first but it will feel so much better at the end focus on yourself and your goals treat yourself the way it should be and if you find somebody else that gonna treat you as good too then it's a bonus .