193 countries, 6 continent, 75 seas and 5 oceans!

The world is so big and with travelling we have the chance to discover the whole world, its wonderful nature, the different culture and its people.
The different people are one reason why I love travelling. We get the privilege to meet so many different people and some great firendships could begin.

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Some days ago I wrote and article about my favourite destinations. In this post I want to show you some more countries, cities and island which I want to visit some day. It could become a long list.
(The travel destinations aren't in a special order.)

1. Australia

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In Australia there are beautiful bays, national parks and favorite animals koalas.

2. USA

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I want to discover the whole USA. The country is do many difference and I want to see them all. The big cities and the different nature.

3. Greece

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6.La Réunion

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7.Lhase, China

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8. The Netherlands

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9. Germany

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Yes okay I come from Germany, but there are so many wonderful cities which I want to see.

10. Israel

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11. New Zealand

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12. Iceland

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13. Ireland

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14. Venice, Italy

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These destinations are only a small part of the countries I want to go!
Where would you like to travel?

I hope you likes this article.