Every girl likes bag and as more bags we have as more we love it. Its good when we can put to it different things we like and feel that need it right there inside our bag/ bagpack. Below I wrote some things that are necessary for me I always put this stuff to any bag I use (big one or small).

pink, eos, and nivea image china, kawaii, and cute image
  • lipbalm and mirror
  • wet wipes
pink image
  • hairbrush
Best, miss dior, and perfume image
  • mini parfum
highlighter, markers, and notebooks image
  • notebook and pen
unicorn, rainbow, and headphones image
  • headphones
Image by jouhaina jd hello kitty image
  • book (when you get bored^^ ) cute plaster

I hope this article could be useful for you! Have fun, enjoy the life!!