I .s it too much to ask to travel back in time?


M. y lips yearn for the moment yours smiled amidst it all

I. n the most subtle way I still swear that you're mine because accepting the truth crushes my soul with too much proximity to my ribs and my vital organs

S. incerely, I've lost it all: sanity, basic hygiene, and logic, but the bliss, the bliss of that kiss? Never.

S. omeone reminded me I was at fault and I knew this, but I ignored it, imagining how my life with you was, breathing in every memory as the present. Like a familiar candle scent from infancy.


Y. ou never did know just how much i loved it when you looked me straight in the eyes and took control of it all

O. nce upon a time we were as one, but once upon another we were ripped apart with nothing but the echo of "i hate you" ringing in my ear.

U. pon the rapture from my nightly lullaby dreams, I awake every morning with that scent all too real but then I realize that at some point, if you don't want everything to go down in flames, eventually, you have to blow the single flame in the candle away, for good.