A mystery. That's what my dad calls me. Because I am a complete and total closed book. Thinking more than I speak and observing more than I express. But I like that about myself and I've accepted it in all it's glory. And I've discovered to my absolute delight that there has been someone out there, waiting to meet me, who would understand me enough, be patient enough, and have some kind of magic that would make me an open book - just enough of an open book to make me happy. Magic. I am not me without her, becasue she changed me in the way that made me my true self. My writing challenge for day one is to write an article about me. The essence of who someone is cannot be grasped by words, and each person who experiences me will undoubtedly experience me differently. So let me just leave you with a few things about myself - emo at heart, lover of anything spooky and mysterious, conspiracy theory enthusiast, adventurer, lover of swimming in the ocean and of summer nights, introvert, deep thinker, cat lover, joker, smoker, midnight toker.

Writing Challenge: