because 20 isn't enough, I've decided to make a part II about the pleasant things in life! go ahead and check out part I here:
  • old disney movies
black and white, castle, and disney image disney, tv, and walt disney image
  • roadtrips
girl, friends, and car image girl, sunset, and car image
  • honest compliments
quotes, beautiful, and gorgeous image quotes, golden, and inspiration image
  • making people smile
girl, hair, and black and white image girl, smile, and black and white image
  • coffee shops / cafes
coffee, shop, and coffee shop image coffee, brown, and tumblr image
  • rainy days
rain, city, and theme image rain, autumn, and fall image
  • movie marathons
coffee and The Originals image apple, autumn, and candles image
  • nature
adventure, inspiration, and jungle image nature, mountains, and travel image
  • tv shows
gossip girl, chocolate, and food image american horror story, ahs, and black image
  • food
food, fries, and drink image food, pizza, and salad image
  • baby animals
animal, cute, and bunny image animal, cute, and lion image
  • quality time with the fam
mom, boy, and happy image love, cute, and family image
  • grocery shopping
friends, food, and bff image friends, girl, and tumblr image
  • love
Inspiring Image on We Heart It couple, love, and goals image
  • concerts
concert and purple image concert, grunge, and music image
  • ice cream
food, tumblr, and ice cream image food, ice cream, and chocolate image
  • beach days
girl, summer, and beach image beach, aesthetic, and pale image
  • new experiences
girl, travel, and adventure image alternative, ocean, and photography image
  • spending time alone
city, fashion, and hair image girl, book, and indie image
  • being alive
friends, city, and friendship image friends, fun, and boy image

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