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I'm back with a new article. In this article I will tell you what's my style and what are some things or pieces of clothing that I like to wear the most. So you can get to know me a little bit more.

Skinny Jeans

blonde, pretty, and styles image fashion, outfit, and style image
j e a n s

I really like skinny jeans because they are comfortable and easy to wear. Also they give you a good shape to your legs.

Spaghetti Straps Blouses

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s t r a p b l o u s e s

I really like to wear this type of shirts because they are cute and they show you shoulders. They look delicate.


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s n e a k e r s

No matter what you will do in the rest of the day because you always are going to be comfy with a pair of sneakers in you feet, you don't need to be worry.


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c a r d i g a n s

I always use cardigans, I have so many of them. I really like them because they are cozy and comfy. You can wear them with every type of bottom and they look good.

Layering Chokers

necklace, fashion, and stars image choker, Dangle, and wishlist image necklace, fashion, and gold image gold necklaces, white tank tops, and white choker necklace image
c h o k e r s

Accessories, they might be my favorite part of fashion and the layering chokers gave a delicate and preppy look to your outfit. You have so many different kinds of chokers that you can combine them and make them look nice and cute.

Mini Backpacks

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b a c k p a c k s

Other accessory that I love and I live for. You can throw everything you want in the backpack and you will be comfortable for the rest of the day, also you will look cute.


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s u n g l a s s e s

I cant get out of my house without a pair of sunglasses, no matter the weather they always would look good with you ootd.


Ok guyssssss, I am going to post and upload more articles every week or more than once a week.

Camila xx.

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