First article! YAY!

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Hello sweet hearter!
I was thinking about writing an article a week, so... what did you guys think about an acts of kindness challenge? If you want give me suggestions, you can send me a postcard or an email to Btw, tomorrow I will write another article, for you guys know me better.
Well, I hope u like it.

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Week 1

  • Day 1: make a compliment.
  • Day 2: hold a door for someone.
  • Day 3: smile at a stranger.
  • Day 4: plant a tree (they keep you alive).
  • Day 5: sing your favorite song.
  • Day 6: say I love you to someone.
  • Day 7: don't criticize actions or circumstances.
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That's all for now!
Keep contact. U r amazing! Xoxo