No matter what time of year it is, the key to staying active is variety!

Change up your running route, start a new class or pick up an entirely new activity.

I divided the ideas by seasons, so there's something for each time of year!

S P R I N G // S U M M E R

Exercising - especially outdoors - has been shown to reduce stress, increase happiness and confidence, and sharpen your overall memory and focus.

Here are a few ways to keep you happy and healthy in the warmer months:


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When I'm looking for a challenging workout, I go to one of the nearby national or state parks.

There's usually a greater variety of trails, so I get to decide how difficult I want the route to be, and nothing beats a workout with a killer view.


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If you're looking for trip ideas in your own state, or just want some pretty screen-savers, check out the National Park Service on Tumblr.

(Search: GoParks)


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F A L L // W I N T E R

Even though your options start to feel a little more limited in the winter,

there are still a ton of fun ways to stay active in the cooler months of the year,

both in the elements and inside.


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In-studio yoga classes are a great way to learn and get better, especially if you're still new to yoga.

But if you're a more experienced yogi or a class just isn't working with your schedule at the moment, there are also yoga classes on YouTube for every skill level!

(Search: Fightmaster Yoga)


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Another way of staying motivated to get active is setting a specific goal!

If you like to run, start working your way up from running in the neighborhood, to 5K races, to a 10K, and continue until you reach your goal.

For activities like yoga and kickboxing, you could aim to master a specific move, to get to the next level of a class, or even to become an instructor.

I hope you found some of these ideas helpful!

Get up and get active!