I was never looking for someone, okay? I wasn't searching high and low to find him. He wasn't the piece I was missing. I met him on a night I didn't think would be different than any other day. I was dating someone else (I wasn't happy though, I felt caged) , and then I met him and he flipped my world upside down. He set me free and showed me what life would be like if I didn't have to think so much about everything. I don't remember much about how I got there, but all of a sudden I was standing there talking to one of his friends and he was just there. I didn't notice him at first, but then someone came up and introduced us and he smiled; that's when I realized that the first time I heard his name would be the first time of many. I'm not even sure what happened for the rest of that night but we talked and we laughed. That was the first time I actually felt happy with someone in a long time. Eventually, it was just the two of us, and everyone had left. He walked me back to my place even though he had a bike, he asked if he'd see me around and I said yes. He smiled and there were those butterflies; I could've sworn I loved him from that very first night. We exchanged information and he spent the whole week messaging me asking when I'd come back. Then the day I'd anticipated, when I could finally see him again. This time I got dressed up, curled my hair and everything, and I went to see him, to make sure he was real and not something I'd imagined. I walked up to see him and there he was, he smiled that same smile and said "Hey you" as if we'd been friends forever. He introduced me to his friends and immediately we hit it off, I swear I've never laughed so hard. We went for a walk and I realized this was going to be my summer; I'd be out here with these people, because they made me feel okay. There's more to that night but eventually we ended up at a playground. We were talking about our interests, things we do, when I got a call to go back. I looked at him, hoping there'd be more to this story someday... little did I know, this was only the introduction.