1. Shameless(U.S)
- It's such and interesting show! I love it, it has such a good sense of humor, although there are tons of sexual scenes, but it's great! (P.S Ethan is cute af)

2. Switched At Birth
-I'm only on S1E17, but the characters are great! It's the only show that i have seen with a death person, the show is sweet and sad. Sometimes, you can get mad at characters, or at least I do. (Wilkes is a dream)

3. Gotham
-I haven't watched all of it, but so far it's very interesting. I love the story, and i really recommend it!

4. Riverdale
-I lovee how it's based off of fictional character, and when they revealed who killed Jason? Girl, my wig is still on the floor. It's a great show overall, Characters are relate-able at times, and i just really recommend it! (Bughead gives me life)