After a day of school or work, a good night routine is a great way to relax and wind down for the night! Some things u can do to start a nightly routine are:

Wash & Treat Your Hair

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I usually wash my hair every two-three days, but lately, I’ve been washing it on the second night and leaving it to air dry overnight to use less heat. Use a deep conditioner to add extra moisture!

Skin Care

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Keeping up with your skin is sooo important to feeling confident! Finding products that work for you can take a while but once u find the perfect regimen it’s so worth it. I suggest the brand Mario Badescu for any skin type, but especially oily skin! Their Rose Water Facial Spray and Enzyme Cleansing Gel are the best.

Face Masks

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Using a detoxifying face mask once or twice a week helps cleanse pores, lessen discoloration, and give your skin the care it needs! I recommend the Muddy Body Detox Clay Mask and the Laneige Water Sleep Mask.

Quick tips to add to your night routine:
Apply lip balm
Moisturize your body
Whiten teeth
Watch a movie or show to relax for the night

Stay Cozy ♡