Her smile was sharp enough that it could cut through diamond. Her laughter rang through the air before she said," It was cute how you never questioned my lies. I told more of them than I was actually honest." She cocked her head to the side and eyed me as a lion does to a zebra. "Pity...for a second I thought you were smart. You thought I loved you?"

I kept an uncaring demeanor as I forced my next words out.
"It's not that I believed a word you said. I just didn't care. You see, I'm not surprised when people lie to me anymore. In fact, I'm more surprised when people are telling me the truth."
I made sure she didn't see what I actually felt. Because inside, I was shattering; and my knees threatened to fall out from under me.

And it worked because, her cunning smirk faltered, if even for a second.