Some of us want everything,but also some of us just want one thing.
That thing could be shedding a few pounds, maybe gaining a few pounds, on a road to be coming a model or maybe just simply on a road for self love.
Today Im going to be giving you guys a few tips on to completing a goal that you've been working forever on with still no improvement.

1. Dedicate time!

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Lets say your goal is to maybe get over this guy that does want you back.
I know it seems hard but dedicate some time to it. Think of him doing something unattractive for example if you find someone smelling bad unattractive then think of him with some serious body odor. But at the end of the day you always have to give things time. People are different and some of us get over love quickly and some of us take time. Long story short dont keep saying "ill do it tomorrow" Do it today!

2. You can do it

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Dont let anyone bring you down because they say you cant do it. You are a strong independent person who can do this, look up motivational quotes or pictures because i promise you if you try hard enough everyday you WILL succeed and when you do complete your goal just look back at all the people who told you wrong and laugh in their faces because I BET they haven't completed anything :)

3. Try your hardest

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It wont be easy. I think we've covered that but even though your goal isnt going to be completed in seconds its also not going to be impossible.
We have to try hard to get something even though sometimes you're too lazy or "not in the mood" Face the facts and realize that it doesnt have to be a dream anymore because its possible! So get your ass up and try.

4. Congratulate yourself

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Every little step is improvement. Have a cheat day and congratulate yourself on how much you've grown.
You may have down talked yourself in the beginning but once you're close to completing that last step of your goal congratulate yourself for how much you've grown since your last "Ill do it tomorrow"

And this was my short article on how to complete a goal. Let me ask you guys something. If you dont start today then when will you? Dont keep putting something off because it seems "impossible" because even the word itself states "im possible" I hope this helped you or maybe motivated you to get up and turn that dream into a reality :)