Hey guys, I don’t really know if any of you will read this but I hope so because I‘ve decided to write down some of the things that happen in my life that are important to me and share them with you like a diary kind of. Maybe some of you are experiencing similar things and if yes feel free to text me bc I‘d love to talk to you (you can text me anyways even if your life is completely different from mine). I‘ll probably do multiple parts of it and please excuse my because I’m actually from germany. Hope you like it💞

7.october ‘17 l 00:42
What the fuck is wrong with you? Like seriously what's your problem? First you kiss me and we make out in your room. Everything is perfect for some sweet moments although I knew that it wouldn't last I was hoping for it so badly. Well turns out you couldn't keep your hands of her even though you still talk shit behind her back but she still comes back to you every time. You don't even have to ask her she just comes back because she misses you. And then there's us. Complicated. Perfect little happy moments. Whispered conversations. Fast secret touches. Because nobody should know. Because you were hers before this thing between us started. Because she's a friend of me and everyone will think I'm a bitch if they find out. Because she still loves you. And I'm pretty sure in some way you still love her too.
But when you're with me, when you tell me how beautiful I am, when you say she doesn't matter, when you text me how important i am to you I still believe you. Although I know pretty well that most of it probably are lies. You and all your fucking lies. They're everywhere.