Hot summer days are over. Hot chocolate days are in. Now it the perfect time to get cosy with a book and warm socks on the couch and read a novel. In this article, I want to share some of my favourite fall/autumn activities to do inside and outside.

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1. Go on a walk

Right now is the perfect time to get out, breath in fresh air and wonder around loft walks and forests. Perfectly cuddled in a warm jacket, cosy scarf with favourite boots I am ready to find pictures places with mushrooms and falling leaves.

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2. Spending time with a fireplace

Nothing beats cold fall evenings with a warm fire burning next to you. Getting together with loved ones this type of activity is best to cuddle up and share stories and ideas. Together with a hot chocolate and marshmallows, the evening is perfect.

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3. Hot chocolate and a book

This is by far my favourite. Making own hot chocolate and then reading a heartwarming novel is perfect to start or end a fall day. Get a book from your store or a library and get reading.

Hope you liked this small article on my favourite fall activities. What are yours?

autumn, fall, and leaves image