Hi everybodyyyyy <3
Well i can spend hours & hours of my life seeing series but there are some that i can watch and i never get tired and those are:

-"TEEN WOLF" Im totally in love whit this serie and my heart is broken because its over but teen wolf will be always one of my favs. I even got a collection you can check and that woluld be awesome.
-"STRANGER THINGS" This is a netflix original and its so awesome i really love this one because its funny and interesting i love the cast, i love how interesting is the history and i love MILEVEN <3 I got a collection of this serie too so please check it out.
"GIRL BOSS" This one is a netflix original too. Its incredibly funny and good, i really recommend it. And well i got a collection about it you should check out please.
"HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER" This serie is so hilarious, you will laught like crazy and its also romantic so you will have hours & hours of entertainment. And heres a collection i found its not mine but its awesome so go and check it out, its really cool
"FRIENDS" This is one of my favourite series because i think its perfect, its funny, interesting,romantic. I dont know but i love it so i reallly really recommend it. Theres an awesome collection thats not mine i found it and its incredible so i hope you enjoy it.
"GOSSIP GIRL" This is an awesome serie i really recommend so check it out please. This isnt my collection but its a really good one and i really like it so please check it out.

Well thank you so much for reading this my first article, please heart it if you want me to recommend you more awesome series i got so many to talk about.