Hi there, imperfectly perfect human beings~

Why do we dream?

It's simple. Our minds need to rest from this gray, boring dimension we usually refer to as "reality". We need to escape sometimes, when we feel trapped ,like,for example,birds.If you trap them in a cage, as time goes by, weeks, months - they'll forget how to fly. They're very similar to us humans. If our minds get trapped in a cage under pressure, fear, depression - we forget how to do something we were born to do, something essential - dream.Dreaming is seeing the stars in daylight. It's stepping on the red, crunchy leaves that fell on the ground in spring. It's holding the hand of someone you love, even if they're not next to you. All this saves our souls from decaying and our hearts from stopping. Forget about that thing you need to do till monday. Forget about that text you're waiting for so desperately. Make reality colorful and easier to handle. Just be careful, don't disappear in your dream world completely, people need you in reality too.

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"If you trap them in a cage, as time goes by, weeks, months - they'll forget how to fly."

So, how do we set our minds free? How do we escape reality?
We worship freedom and dream.


It's weird how we feel so alive, even if we could die.
it's weird how we fly, even if we know we could fall.
It's weird how we still walk after running, we don't stop,
How we still smile after crying countless times.
That's because, my lovely angels,
We chose to fly,
We chose to dream,
We chose to be free.

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"We chose to be free".

How to be free and dream? Let it all go and learn how to count the stars on a sunny day.