well, hello? this is my first article, so I wanted to try and make something useful for once.

so, brace yourselves, fellow writers (or just anyone honestly), because I'm about to tell you four things that will (or should) absolutely change the way you write. also i decided that I'll divide this in four parts because I get excited and talk too much k.

story time: yours truly is currently doing a course for young writers and guess what? that's where all this is coming from

a psa for any brazilian/portuguese person who stumbles across this: oi! se você não entende inglês ou prefere que eu faça uma versão em português dessa coisa toda, dá um grito! pra ser honesta, têm umas coisinhas que eu não faço ideia de como explicar em inglês ou se é aplicado na escrita deles, então vocês podem até ganhar um bônus no post em português, yay!

enough talking, let's do this! ok, I planned this out like: I talk for a little bit about the thingy and then I leave one or two exercises/practices because why not?

1 - words lead to ideas; not the other way.

okay, okay, I know. what am I saying, right? let's break this down, shall we?

  • you don't have to have ideas in order to write, it's the other way around;
  • it's kind of like Picasso said once:
"Inspiration exists, but you have to find it working."
  • meaning: writers cannot only rely on inspiration or brainstorming (although those are great). remember that people that make a living out of writing work with deadlines, so your favorite author probably works their ass off all the time, they don't wait for the ideas to come;
  • summary: inspiration is found through hard work, basically;
  • on that note, it's such a fine line between reality and fiction. my point is: a great story can be hidden in the most simple and daily things;
  • one thing that will bother you in some point of your writing life is: it seems like everything has already been said. WELL then do something about it! try new ways of saying things!
  • this is too amazing to be forgotten: there's a french writer named georges perec who wrote a book called "la disparition" (a void, in english) without a single letter "E". no, I'm not joking;
  • anyway, the guy that translated the book to portuguese said that the most difficult thing is hiding the letter and, at the same time, pass the message. and that's exactly why it's so much easier to use the same words over and over again to tell a story or describe something.
Image by We Are Infinite
i really love this quote okay, let me just leave it here


now we're gonna practice two things that you've hopefully learned today.


write a paragraph (not too big, 10 lines is great) about love. BUT you absolutely CAN'T use the words: love, pain, heart and pretty much all the words that we see all the time in love poems or stories.

  • to make things a little more interesting, go to one of these random words generator (this one's nice https://randomwordgenerator.com/) and generate four words; two nouns and two adjectives. combine them and use them in your paragraph. you have to use them together.
example: when i did this exercise, the words sorted were: house/smart/woman/scrupulous.
so, my combinations were "smart house" and "scrupulous woman".


choose an object (literally, anything) and tell its story in first person. it can be the object's real story, but c'mon!, you're a fiction writer, right?

that's all for today, can I get an amen? let me know if you want me to keep posting these and please send me your stories if you want! I'd love to read all of them.