There are some quotes that remind me of you.

"We are lovers, possessed by the moon"
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“When the world ends, I want to scream into the chaos that I loved you more than anything in hopes that the sound will continue to exist after everything stops.”
-Mitch Welling
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"Maybe one day we`ll meet again, when we`re different people. Maybe then we`ll be better for each other."
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"I know you.
I know your eyes.
We’ve met before.
…somewhere in a dream."
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"you fall in love with the little things about someone, like the sound of their laughter and the way their smile forms."
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"I think that I can never belong to anyone than him. His smile, his talks, his everything is what I see whenever I’m with anyone else."
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"It was more like I was falling into him. He was a soft place to land and I had been wandering for so long. He held his arms out as if to tell me “it’s here you belong"
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"I hope there are days when you fall in love with being alive."
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"No place I’ve been ever quite felt like home than when I use to look deep into his eyes."
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"And every night, the last thing on her mind before she slips into dream worlds and sleep takes her away, is you."
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"It’s in these moments where I can see my whole life with him. I adore him in every sense. When he’s angry he pushes me to feel his emotions and I allow it but every bone in my body loves him and wants to comfort him. The moment that is occurring right now is the purest form. He’s hunched over his laptop typing, I picture him writing books as he gets older, pouring the scenes and thoughts in his head on paper so deliberately and meaningful in every sense. He wants the world to see his perspective; I don’t blame him. His perception is beautiful and real and thought out, not told and regurgitated like most."
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"There is no such thing as the last time with you. Everything we do, is and will always be the first time for me. Loving you makes sense to my soul and that is all the proof I need to realize everything before you, was in preparation for us. I can honestly say now, I am thankful for all the heartbreaks, angst and misery I went through. Without it, I never would’ve found you for the first time."
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"I want to do with you
what spring does with
the cherry trees."
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"remember the first feelings, how sharp and magical they used to be, they way you felt during your first love kiss, how scared you felt driving a car for the first time. the first day of school, when you fastened your seatbelt the day you got on a plane for the first time. feelings that got pale and dull by routine. don’t forget."
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I think every day of you and i`m glad that you are mine.