Hey guys!
In this article I'm going to share with you two of my favorite fall poems.
Also: I'm going to be trying to post an article every week, so please DM me requests!

Autumn Fun
Bertha Reynolds Hudelson

Just yesterday I played a game
With our big maple tree.
It sent a thousand golden leaves
Showering down on me.
I tried to catch the lovely things
Sailing through the air.
I rushed around, and captured one
Tight, in my curly hair!


Leaves of Autumn
Helen Barclay

When blades of grass, are turning brown
And autumn leaves come floating down,
I dance with them on lawn and street
And scuffle through them with my feet.
Then to one special spot I take
All I can gather with my rake,
Heaping them high above my head
To make a giant featherbed,
Where, when I climb on top to rest,
I sink into a cozy nest.

I hope you guys enjoyed these to poems!
These are my favorites, and they really bring the fall mood.
Also, since this was my first article, I'm open to any criticism because it will only make me improve.