Day one
Ten facts about me
1. My name is Vivien.
2. I live in the heart of Europe.
3. I'm in my second year of college.
4. I've had a gap year before college.
5. I study international relations.
6. My dog passed away 6 months ago and I was really sad about her.
7. My very best friend is a guy.
8. I met my other best friend when we were in kindergarten and she is now 22.
9. I'm obsessed with interior design.
10. I love travelling so much
11. I love taking photos especially of people.
12. When I was younger I wanted to be a child photographer and I still have that in my mind as a second job.
13. I love mayonnaise way too much.
14. I love watching horror movies even though I'm so scared that I always cover my face.
15. One of my biggest obsessions is that I just love eating out and going to cute coffee shops.
16. I couldn't live without freshly squeezed orange juice.
17.I have a cousin who is 10 years younger than me but we hang out a lot.
18. When I was little I used to write and win competitions with my poems.
19. My all time favourite tv show is Friends.
20. I have to quote through every movie I watch.