Years ago I had heard a song about that great title that made me totally change my perspective on life, only those lyrics made me realize what I really wanted to do with it. Maybe I had not lived to the fullest or had not done the things I really wanted, even though my life was just beginning, because then my life plan began to change, to think about what I would study or what I would do with my life: happy? and so that was the base and my priority so far, I did things so that from here to many years I get smiles, avoided the problems to avoid remembering bad times, I tried and tried to fill my life with things that are really worth the pain. And maybe you should not look for happiness this will come alone when you do not look for it, when you least expect it, but you can help it arrive even faster. So I ask you: Are you happy with the life you lead ?, It's never too late to improve.

With love