~Heyy! Today is the third day of #whichallenge ! Today i'm gonna write about me and my parents

3.Describe your relationship with your parents

My parents are very very important to me. They have been there for me since the day i was born. They have raised me and my siblings also quite a well in my opinion.
They have always supported me. No matter is it school,my hobbies or my dreams they always stand up for me. They always tell me to not to give up an they always tell me how important i am for them. I respect them and they have accepted me as the person i am.

My dear mother taught my how to love myself. She kept telling me that i shouldn't listen if others said bad or mean things about me. I should be happy about myself 'cause i'm only me in this world.
My mother has also taught me how to take care of others. I'm the oldest child and I have 3 younger siblings. So through my life there has been someone who i had to take care of. And my mom was the one who told me how to do it.

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My dad has always been the one who has told me that I'm smart kid. He says that he is sure that i'm gonna reach all of my dreams some day.
My dad is chef so he has taught me how to make food. I was 5 or maybe even 4 when i first ever made food with my dad.

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Of course there has been much more things that my parents has taught to me. I only told few. Thank you everything my parents,I love you❤︎