“Autumn...the year's last, loveliest smile."

Nothing makes me more excited than this season. The first rain drops that kiss the ground and the smell of the wet earth, the first golden leaves that fall from the trees, a hot cup of coffee or tea and a long walk around the park.
Have you ever wondered why this season has two names (Autumn-Fall)? The older of the two words is Autumn, which first came in English in the 1300s from the latin word "automnus". The name of this season didn't just end with autumn, however. Poets continued to be wowed by the changes autumn brought and, in time, the phrase " the fall of the leaves",(which after was shortened to "Fall"), came to be associated with this season.
I think this strory makes autumn even more special and poetic. That's why I wrote some things that you should definitely do this season.​