There are so many lifestyles out there in this day and age. Which one are you most like?


blonde, boho, and fashion image girl, forest, and nature image room, home, and cozy image bagel, boho, and chic image
  • Has tons of plants
  • Enjoys walks in forests
  • Hair usually down or in braids
  • Eats mostly fruits and veggies
  • Goes to festivals

Glam Chic

platform sandals, furry sandals, and sexy heels. sexy shoes image beauty, lipstick, and makeup image bedroom, luxury, and room image iphone, tumblr, and pink image
  • Usually does full face makeup
  • Owns a pair of furry heels or sandals
  • Glammed out bedroom with chandeliers and fairy lights
  • Has expensive iPhone in a marbled case
  • Obsessed with posting to Twitter, Insta, etc.


fashion, jacket, and style image interior, bedroom, and decor image Image removed tattoo, flowers, and lotus image
  • Black and white is everything
  • Has a small, neutral colored wardrobe
  • Wants or has a small, simple tattoo
  • Less materialistic than others
  • Bedroom is neat with very little decorations


book, candle, and autumn image netflix, room, and light image coffee, autumn, and cafe image black and white, couple, and her image
  • Rather stay in for the night than go out partying
  • Enjoys reading books casually
  • Will gladly go do things by themselves such as visiting a coffee shop
  • Has only one or two close friends
  • Most likely has had the same boyfriend for many years

Goth / Punk

fashion, grunge, and outfit image aesthetic, alternative, and fashion image black, bedroom, and gothic image book, grunge, and black image
  • Have multiple piercings or tattoos
  • Hair is black or unusual color
  • Standoff-ish to people they aren't familiar with
  • Dark bedroom with gothic features
  • Enjoys metal or rock music

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