WHI Feature is a new format presented to you by Team WHI in which we are featuring articles by you - the community. Every collection will showcase beautifully written and inspirational articles around a certain topic.

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Poetry - a form of creative writing that comes from the bottom of the author’s heart. A pure and beautiful form of art that has been widely recognised not only hundreds of years ago, but is moreover truly beloved at this day and age.
Historically speaking, poetry used to work only within a rigid format, whereas contemporary poetry now breaks the boundaries of lines, stanzas, and rhythm patterns and gives the freedom of endless creative expression.

Over the past few weeks since articles has launched we have been thrilled to see how many of you have shared their work. We had a hard time picking five poems to feature as all of you are incredibly talented young writers. Love and the expression of it has always been a main theme of poetry. This feature will focus on the good and the bad times which were processed by you with your words.

Here comes the first selection of certainly many more to come. Enjoy!

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This lyrical poem by user @heidi_korb is full of metaphors and its diction is profound and moving. The author makes you feel her fondness, using words dripping of meaning. Love is a beautiful thing.

Another lyrical poem about love, yet this one is distinguished by a different tone. The piece by @silenceinwords speaks in heavy wearing metaphors and similes about a love long lost.

This nightmare-like lyrical description by @Onetayaday of a love gliding out of reach uses a sharp and distinctive language. What better way to deal with heartache than making unforgettable art of it?

One can write about a bygone love but one can certainly also write about the love that is awaited. This lyrical piece by user @IWASBUSYTHINKINBOUT speaks of longing and affection for the love that is yet to come. Open your arms and open your heart for the one that is meant to be.

This is a lyrical ode by user @lovesofts speaking about all the things she wants to be for the one she loves. This poem fills your heart with warmth and make you want to experience this crazy beautiful thing called love.

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