Study smart .... study less

We all get tired of studying all the time & most of us procrastinate his studying till the exams then he cannot realize all the information that he needs so he will face many difficulties!
So today i'm going to talk about how to facilitate studying & preparing for exams in the techniques below:
1-break & reward:
The better manner to study is to study for 25-30 min then to take a break of 10-15 min
2-Studying area:
You should choose a suitable area for studying avoiding the noise & all the distractions .
Also use the "studying lamp " it's very useful it helps you to focus .
3-active learning:
We have "SQ3r"
3r: read- review- recite "before the exams "
During our studying we face two types of information which are facts & concepts
About facts we should make deep processing .
4- teach to others:
Studying in groups "the best way to learn something is to teach it to the others "
5-Mnemonics: this technique is very helpful in remembering the infotainment, for example: when you are obliged to memorize many steps or names of scientists. ..ext
You take the first letter of every name and you gather them to from one word.
Finally, u have to sleep well & eat well because we all know that healthy mind in healthy body.
Thank you for reading I hope that it's useful for you, good luck for you all <3

For more information you may watch the lecture of Dr Marty Lobdell