It feels like a needle in my brain. on some days i feel it stronger and on other i don't feel it at all, at least i don't notice it.

I look in my classroom around and i see humans. every single of them is a human being. a human, that has the ability to feel many sorts of emotions.

individuality. everyone looks different. you can simply see it on the outside. and when talk to those people, you can clearly see that on the inside, they are different too.
Some of them have similiar interests. they talk about it because it makes them feel fulfilled.
Some of them love. some don't. no one cares.
we laugh. alone or together. but did you know that 10-20% of us humans laugh about something because it is funny? the other 80-90% of our laughter come from our everyday expression like "yeah, you are right" or "i will see you later".

A lot of people still don't get that we are free. i mean for real free. But we all born with chains. we should fit into something. Our parents praise the imagination. Our teacher praise the imagination and our fellow people around us too. But why?

Because we are born in a system. A System that has to work out in order to deliver the things that we desire. It's like a circle. We are born. grow up. work. give the goverment what it needs. go to rent. then eventually die. And between those things we write different stories.
What if we could live a life with writing stories all the time? What if we could bring individuality in our system all the time? Is the system even necessary?
I want to do my own thing. whenever i want to. but we all have those people around us who stop us. It's even worse if this person is in your family because that's where these people have the most control of us. I want freedom. I want to love and be loved. I want to meet new people everywhere, everyday. I want to teach and get taught. I want to help as much as i can.

And i wake up and see myself in the classroom again. It feels like someone pushes me down. and i see and feel a black hole. i get nervous and get wild. i want to run. I want to jump. But i can't. it's holding me again, like everyday. But no one notice it. no one cares. we keep living this way. and as long as we do, nothing will change.