The song that inspired my bio

army, serendipity, and park jimin image
어느 날 달에게 길고긴 편지를 썼어
One day
I wrote a long, long letter to the moon
winter, snow, and light image
너보다 환하진 않지만 작은 촛불을 켰어
It would not be brighter than you
But I lighted a small candle
night, light, and park image
어스름한 공원에 노래하는 이름모를 새
At a dusky park
A nameless bird that sings
Where are you
Oh you
aesthetic, alternative, and beauty image
왜 울고 있는지 여긴 나와 너 뿐인데
Why are you crying
You and I are the only ones here
Me and you
Oh you
beautiful, gif, and moon image
깊은 밤을 따라서 너의 노랫소리가
Following into the deep night
The sound of you singing
love, couple, and boy image
한 걸음씩 두 걸음씩 붉은 아침을 데려와
Brings the red morning
A step, and another step
moon, sky, and night image
새벽은 지나가고 저 달이 잠에 들면 함께했던 푸른빛이 사라져
The dawn passes
And when that moon falls asleep
The blue shade that stayed with me disappears

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